3' long EZ Cleanout River Bed Hog -FLUID BED NON-SLUICE

Green Mountain Gold Trap

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3' RBH box 14lb. 38x14x7


 The Green Mountain Gold Traps are being called by others, the Cadillac


of all fluid bed gold traps. The best part is, it's patented as a classifier, not a sluice.



Bellow all of the videos you will find detailed information.


  A Review By

Dan Hurd


Chris & (Grizzly aka The Boss) Of Vo-Gus Prospecting

First Look GMGT 23" Pay Streak Finder


Jeff! Have you seen Dan Hurd's video "Fluid Bed Concentrator to recover great gold! (Giveaway)"? Too many comments to go through to see if you did. Just wondering what your thoughts are.

Highlighted reply

yes we have .....love his work....I think he gave one of them away too.....love the design ...reminds me of the Bazooka sluice ....love the detachable bottom and transparent too.


An Interview of GMGT

By Appalachian Prospectors

Dark Canyon Prospecting Visits

Green Mountain Gold Trap




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 GMGT Offers a limited warranty which covers manufacturer defects and will honor it for two years. Contact us with a detailed explanation of the defect along with three pictures. If it is in fact a defect on our part, it will be repaired at no cost or, replaced. Shipping to be paid by customer.


The Love Of Prospecting And You Do As Well!


Almost every prospector tinkers with his or her equipment. And that's exactly how GMGT began.


Before I begin, the difference between the 23” Pay Streak Finder & the 3' River Bed Hog =Feed Rate.

However, one of my videos clearly shows one of my customers "Kevin @ NEGP" hammering his 23” PSF with a full size shovel. And, it still traps the gold!!


Fellow prospectors, I'm not going to sit here and tell you that my GMGT's are the best and cause you to say, Yeah Yeah, that's what they all say! I'm going to let just a few of my customers tell you what they think.


Please do go and read all customer reviews for yourself.


The 3' River Bed ROCKS

Posted by Gregg on Aug 30th 2018

I am totally blown away at the Green Mountain Gold Trap 3' River Bed Hog. This thing is AWESOME, to say the least.
I once owned a Bazooka Gold Trap. The River Bed Hog has taught me so much in regards to the fluid bed functions.
The inventor states, Clear= Confidence, So True!
Thanks Green Mountain Gold Trap, YOU ROCK!!

Three Foot River Hog GMGT

Posted by GTAO Vlogs Channel, Aaron on Aug 30th 2018

Very impressed after using the handling and using the GM GoldTrap. It processed fast, was fun to use, NO CLASSIFYING!!, and the set up was much faster then I thought it was going to be. Another great point is the removable trap of course. Didn't have to move the sluice to do a clean out. Kick ass sluice, nice American company, ...highly recommended. Thanks GMGT!

3' River Bed Hog

Posted by Kevin @ New England Gold Prospecting on Aug 31st 2018

This fluid bed design is one amazing piece of equipment I highly recommend for those who want to move lots of materiel. It captures well under 200 mesh gold with ease. I loved it so much, I bought the 23" Pay Streak Finder about a month after buying this one.
Thanks Green Mountain Gold Trap!!

PayStreak Finder

Posted by Ed Marvin of Flash In Your Pan on YouTube. on Oct 11th 2018

This little GMGT is a great fluid bed sluice, I absolutely love the clean out drawer... Quality built for a prospector by a prospector.

Amazing Product

Posted by John on Aug 30th 2018

I am so impressed with this product, I am going to buy the 3' River Bed Hog next year. Then I can really move some materiel!


My design has been fine tuned to capture fine flour gold down to -300 microns.

It's clear feature gives the operator complete control and eliminates the guess work in set up. Never again will you ask yourself, “Do I have it at the right pitch?” You Will Know For Sure. Clear = Confidence.

The all new Patented Capture Tray (Patent No: US 11,273,452) allows for a very quick clean out. It also eliminates the need to lift the whole unit out of the water and the need to re-set, saving valuable time.

Excellent, if not superb fluid dynamics throughout the entire Capture Tray. As a result, it can and does sink that gold. And that's where it will stay with proper set up and feed rate.

Just imagine, you know your onto the gold and you've been working very hard to get as much of it as you can. Maybe it's larger gold but, if it's fine flour, how much are you loosing?

With the GMGT, you will know right where your gold is. And your friends, just like mine do, will come over to you and ask, “When Are You Going To Do A Clean Out?”

Friends, I tested this product every which way but Sunday. I tested the materials used to build the GMGT's before even using them, had reps from certain companies come and researched them out so you would get what you deserve.

When I began selling, I was using Acrylic. As of Feb of 2019 I started using Poly-carbonate / Lexan. This stuff is virtually indestructible and it's what's used for bullet proof glass. 

The structure itself and products used in assembly make it a very solid product.

Got time for a true story. Let's call it a test I didn't plan.

After a day of testing capture rate, which is roughly 98%, I decided to pack up and hike out.

I was in a gorge and my one and only way out was to climb up a four foot bedrock ledge. This ledge lead to my path out.

It was fall time and there were lots of leaves and pine needles on that ledge and all over the ground.

Long story short, I got just about to the very top and one of my boots slipped on those leaves and pine needles.

At the bottom was jagged bedrock with cobbles, rocks and larger rocks.

All I could think was, this is going to hurt in more than one way.

I went down backwards. I had the 3' River Bed Hog strapped to my shoulder and it ended up behind me.

When I landed, I landed right on the gold trap. I just knew it had to be broken or cracked.

When I got up unharmed, to my amazement, there wasn't even a tiny crack.

The bottom line is this, you Will love it and, your friends will love it too.

The one thing I can count on if I am prospecting an area with other people around is this. It draws people in. They want to see it in action. They want to know whats inside the capture tray.

Don't forget to head on over to the official GreenMountain GoldTrap YouTube channel, subscribe, ring the bell and check out all the videos. And also, do a YouTube search. So far, there are a few people out there with videos. I expect there will be more as time goes on.


Owner / Inventor

Green Mountain Gold Trap









Any orders damaged in shipping will be replaced. In addition, any defects on the behalf of GMGT shall be covered for a period of 1 year. Pictures and a detailed explanation will be required to determine the situation.
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Due to high sales volume, please allow 7 to 10 days for shipment.
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  • 5
    It truly is the Cadillac

    Posted by Carl on Apr 1st 2023

    I have tried the Bazooka, I have tried the Grizzly, I have tried the Reaper, I have tried the Recon Sluice and NOTHING beats this beast in the field. And it's because it's clear. All guesswork has been removed AND the removable capture tray makes it a MUST-HAVE.

  • 5
    Haven't had a chance to use it yet, it is very well made.

    Posted by Doug P on Jun 7th 2022

    I would recommend this to anyone who wants a Awesome sluice box.

  • 5
    3’ Riverbed Hog

    Posted by Rob on Feb 25th 2022

    Amazing quality! Once you figure out the needed flow rate to fluidize the trap it’s fun to use. Easy to clean out and the owner Joe goes above and beyond for his customers!

  • 5
    Unbelieveable Product

    Posted by Stu on Jul 16th 2021

    This thing is amazing. And Joseph is always quick to return my calls or answer questions via email. Great Product / Great Customer Service. Wish I had a third thumb to give it!

  • 5
    Awesome piece of equipment

    Posted by Eric Dohman on Jul 14th 2021

    Easy to set up, easy to empty. I was amazed at how well it worked in a slow flowing creek. Caught gold first shovel.

  • 5
    The best classifier & fast service.....Thanks!!

    Posted by Brad Bolster on Mar 20th 2021

    Finally got to try it, but still had to contend with a little snow and had to stay in the lower sections of the creek where it has been hit pretty hard over the last 20 years. Still found 300 mesh minus gold that the others had missed, even though it was just 4 or 5 specks per run. Very impressed with performance and quality of build. Can't wait to get back out there for a second try in the higher parts of the creek.

  • 5
    3' River Bed Hog

    Posted by T.G. on Dec 14th 2020

    I recently purchased and used the 3' Green Mountain Gold Trap Classifier. I was immediately impressed with the design and construction of the classifier. For me, at age 67, this is a game changer. The Green Mountain Gold Trap Classifier has eliminated the need to classify material by size prior to running the material as is recommended for most conventional sluices. It also has eliminated the need to remove the sluice from the stream for periodically cleaning. This has made the process far less labor intensive and much more enjoyable. I tested the classifier on a stream in the Black Hills of South Dakota in area with known flour gold. The Green Mountain Gold Trap Classifier easily captured the flood Gold. I am eagerly awaiting spring and contemplating the many areas I plan to use the classifier. Thanks Joseph for a great product. T.G.

  • 5
    Way Better Than I Dreamed

    Posted by Sam on Nov 21st 2020

    This thing is the absolute Cadillac of all fluid bed gold traps by far. And I simply can't believe the small gold it's capable of capturing. So glad I held off until this year with the change over from Acrylic to Pollycarbonate. I have hammered it by accident with large rocks 3 time now and it hasn't broke yet. Great Job, Great Product!! Thanks Green Mountain Gold Trap!

  • 5
    Very Happy with it

    Posted by Chris on Jul 22nd 2020

    Have taken it out twice so far a been extatic with the amount of gold and how small the gold is it captures

  • 5
    1st time use

    Posted by Troy tarin on Jul 8th 2020

    Well boys and girls I finally had the pleasure of using my gold trap with my father and brother. This was my first time using it so I didnt think it would be perfect but it was pretty close. I could put about two buckets or so in there without breaking my back. It took about about 30 minutes tops to put two buckets in and to do a clean out. Here in colorado it is super fine stuff and it's as advertised, it caught gold. I did do a loss pan. And as I expected since the gold out here is so fine I did have some. But I literally found the most gold I found at one time. Now my dad and brother used a classifier before running the material.(do not do it) they had a ton of iron stones and small heavies that clogged the agitating holes. So with one bucket we did 3 cleanouts just to keep the water flowing. All you need to do is just shovel. Dont worry so much about the angle of the beast, just make sure your flow is strong enough. Great product and I'm very happy it with her. Named her victoria.

  • 5
    I Got It!

    Posted by John HAGERTY on Jul 6th 2020


  • 5
    We have taken it out and found flower gold.

    Posted by Christopher on May 1st 2020

    Very happy and enjoy the product.

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