Buyers Outside Of USA

Attention interested buyers outside of the United States.


I personally do not ship outside of the United States. However, there are shipping companies inside of the United States that you can get a US Address from.


Also, thanks to someone who contacted me out of Canada,

you may want to look into the second link that I will post below.



Here's How A My US Address Works,

You create your US Address with one of these shipping companies.

Place your order and I ship it to that US Address.

Once your package reaches their facility, they take care of all customs papers, duty and tax.


Here Is Just One Example For A US Shipping Address

Pirate Ship uses both the USPS as well as UPS.

Save up to 89% off USPS rates and 76% off UPS rates with instant access, simple rate comparisons, and no monthly fees, markup, or hidden costs.



You will want to put proper insurance on your purchase just in case of loss or breakage during shipping.

Breakage is unlikely due to how we here at GMGT package your purchase.


Because I do not ship outside of the United States, I also can not cover return shipping from your Country as well as shipping a replacement.


How Does G.M.G.T Handle Your Package?

We take special care to protect the product inside the package with extra packing supplies to insure it reaches you in one piece.

In addition, Polycarbonate does not crack or break.