Buyers Outside Of USA

Attention interested buyers outside of the United States.


I personally do not ship outside of the United States. However, there are shipping companies inside of the United States that you can get a US Address from.


How It Works,

You create your US Address with one of these shipping companies.

Place your order and I ship it to that US Address.

Once your package reaches their facility, they take care of all customs papers, duty and tax.


Here Is Just One Example For A US Shipping Address



You will want to put proper insurance on your purchase just in case of loss or breakage during shipping.


Because I do not ship outside of the United States, I also can not cover return shipping from your Country as well as shipping a replacement.


How Does G.M.G.T Handle Your Package?

We take special care to protect the product inside the package with extra packing supplies to insure it reaches you in one piece.