23" Paystreak Finder With Additional Capture Tray - FLUID BED NON-SLUICE

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8.00 LBS

For buyers outside the US. you will need this info.

23" PSF box 9lb. 25x13x7



The Green Mountain Gold Traps are being called by others, the Cadillac

of fluid bed gold traps. The best part is, it's patented as a classifier, not a sluice.


On several occasions customers have lost their capture trays.

In order to replace one the customer must ship the Gold Trap back to the shop. Customer is responsible for shipping cost both ways.

It is not an easy task to re-build a capture tray for an existing Gold Trap.

In doing so, valuable time is taken up as well as materials that would have been used in another build.

The cost to my customers when it is done this way is $80 before shipping.

By ordering and additional capture tray you save money and my job is much easier.

Custom Build Item:
Allows 7 days before shipment