Product Instructions

A link allowing you to print a copy of instructions can be found by clicking on either the

3' River Bed Hog or the 23" Pay Streak Finder on the main web page.



One Green Mountain Gold Trap

With the 3' River Bed Hog, eye bolts for attaching a strap

Only one eye bolt will be installed due to box size.


Installation of second eye bolt

1-Place rubber washers onto the extra eye bolt. 2-Put threaded end into the pre-drilled hole at feed end of skid plate. 3-thread nut from the inside and finger tighten. 4-Using a 7/16 wrench, tighten nut so that it's tight. Check them from time to time and tighten as needed.


Set Up

Over a short period of time with a clear fluid bed trap, you will begin to notice that there is no specific pitch to set it up in the river, it all depends on the Water Velocity your working with.

When first starting out with you new GMGT, the best rule of thumb is to set it up as you would with a traditional sluice with a 1 inch drop per foot length of box. This Is NOT a Sluice! It's a Classifier as stated on the Patent.

Over time you will familiarize yourself with different scenarios, fast water set ups, slower water set ups. Yes, they do work in slower water flow using gravity / a steeper setup.

Once you have your GMGT set in place, shovel enough material onto the skid plate to fill the capture tray. Once filled, take a look at what the material is doing inside the capture tray. (see drawing)


If the material inside the trap is blowing out from A to B, left to right, you will need to lesson the pitch by raising the capture tray end a bit. You want your material to somewhat level out.

The objective is to get the water entering the capture tray from the load deck to hit the inside top front of the tube stop plate. This is where the tubes terminate.

One of the joys of the GMGT's is being clear, they tell you when their set up properly.


Running Material

With the 23" Pay Streak Finder, your feed rate should be slower. You will quickly discover the proper feed rate once you begin shoveling onto the skid plat.

The key is not allowing material / rocks to bottle up on the classification plate / expanded metal. "A Few Small Rocks won't hurt." If a rock "or organic matter" should get hung up, turn you shovel head vertical, like a knife to remove it.

NEVER rake the material / rocks / pebbles up the classification plate with your shovel. This will cause the classification plate to lift over time.

Large rocks hung up or, a shovel placed over the classification plate horizontally / flat, will cause turbulence inside the capture tray which in turn could blow some of your gold out.

If you're going to take a break, "Longer Than 15 Minuets" do a clean out.

Letting the concentrates sit in your trap too long will cause them to hard pack.

This does not take place when new material is being introduced at a normal pace, only when it's allowed to sit idle.


Clean Out

A clean out can be done in 10 to 15 seconds, without removing the whole unit from it's set up.

Be sure to look for gold at the start of your classification plate / expanded metal. It acts as riffles and gold will drop out there. If there is any, flush it into the trap using a gold pan "After Step 1."

1- Block water flow on the skid plate “can be done with a weighted 5gal bucket for the 3' model or a 2.5gal bucket for the 23” model”, 2- pull the pin, 3- slide the trap tray out by placing your thumbs on the exit plate above capture tray and forefingers inside the capture tray. By pushing with your thumbs and pulling with your forefingers, the capture tray will slide out nicely, 4- empty capture tray into a gold pan or bucket by splashing water into the capture tray, 5- dunk the capture tray into the river to rinse the tubes 2 times dumping into your pan or bucket each time, 6- VERY IMPORTANT>; stick your hand into the compartment the capture tray slides into and rinse good using the water flow coming from the scoop, you don't want any grit in there before replacing the capture tray.


NOTE: When not in use or being transported, remove the pin in the capture tray.

This will help to keep the foam seal wall from flattening out.



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