Questions asked by customers and potential customers.

Questions asked by customers and potential customers.

Posted by Joseph / Owner - Inventor GMGT on Nov 19th 2018

Questions asked by customers and potential customers.

During the span of the Green Mountain Gold Trap business to date, we have been asked many questions. So, I would like to address some of those questions.

1- Many want to know what angle / degree their traps should be set up at when working at the river? There truly is no set angle that I can give. So my best suggestion and the one I use is, 1" drop for every foot length of your trap.

This would be your starting point. With the fluid bed design, it's all about water velocity. So lets say on Monday, you go out to a river that has some pretty good flow. You set up your 3' River Bed Hog GMGT EZ Cleanout wit a 3" drop. After doing so, you shovel in some material, enough to fill the trap compartment.

With the higher water velocity in this river, you find that it's blowing material out of the center, from left to right. At this point, you want to raise the front trap end up a little at a time until that material levels out during operation.

On the following day, you decide to hit a river that is that has a lesser flow. You set you 3' River Bed Hog GMGT EZ Cleanout up at the 3" drop and you shovel enough material to filll the trap.

Now what you are seeing is, less action / fluidization taking place. The first step to correct this issue is to drop the front trap end down a little at a time to give it a bit steeper of an angle.

If this does not correct the issue, you need more water flow. This requires building a wing dam to divert water into the trap or, if you already built one, build it up a bit more. 

2- I have had many ask, will it capture the fine gold? The answer to that question is, absolutely! In fact, it captures far smaller gold that I dreamed it would.

One of my customers out in Colorado made this discovery and made a point of contacting me. He told me there was an issue with my slogan! "-200 MESH NO PROBLEM"

He then went on to tell his story of an area he had been working. He got to a point where he was finding gold so small, we decided to call it Pixie Dust!

3- Some ask, what happens when the skid plate gets all scratched up?  It does indeed get scratched up. When it's dry and not in the water, you can no longer see through it clearly. However, when you drop it in the water, you will be able to see through it. In addition, those scratches slow that gold down on the skid plate, which is a big plus.

4- Another question to tackle, with it being made from acrylic, will it break? The answer to this question in my opinion and from experience during field testing, no easier than the black ABS type that are only about 3/32" to 1/8" thick. The GMGT's a made from 3/16" thick Acrylic and, it's top of the line acrylic.

On one of my trips out testing the second 3' prototype, I took a pretty bad fall when hiking out. I was in a gorge so, I needed to climb up a four foot ledge, which in normal situations, would not have been too bad! However, this was in the fall months and there were lots of dry leaves and pine needles.

This 4' ledge had some good foot holds and I had done it several time before so, I tried it in one trip with all my gear. My back pack with pans and a classifier, 5gal bucket with tools in it, my shovel and, the three foot trap over my shoulder with it's strap.

When I got to the top, one of my feet slipped on the dry leaves and pine needles. Long story short, Down I Went, Backwards! I landed hard on top of my 3' trap on bedrock and small rocks. My very first thought was, This Is Not Going To Be Good! But, to my surprise, nothing broke accept my fall.

Since then, I have added and additional support piece in the center end of the scoop to support it and the skid plate. This has made it all that much stronger.

5- How much material can I run in a day? When I am working alone and my set up is right near where I am digging, I can easily move 2+ yards of material shoveling at my pace. "See Video (Full Video Featuring the 3' River Bed Hog) on my YouTube Channel" 

6- How often should I do a clean out? If you get to a point where you want to take a break, do a cleanout. As long as you keep shoveling, you can keep running.

7- How much material will be in the trap? You will have about a cup of material to deal with once you do a cleanout.

So, these are the most frequently asked question that we get regarding the Green Mountain gold Traps. If you have any questions, Never hesitate to contact me. There's no such thing as a stupid question. Only the questions that are not asked are stupid ones!

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to hear from you.