Green Mountaing Gold Trap Update

Posted by Owner / Inventor GMGT on Mar 16th 2022

Hello Green Mountain Gold Trap Family.

 It's been some time since I have posted on the blog and figured it was time to pop in and tell all of you how much I appreciate every single one of you.

 If you have not written a review on whichever model you purchased, I would greatly appreciate it if you took a little time to do so. The link for writing a review can be found by clicking on whichever gold trap you purchased. Look for the stars.

 To this day I remain a one man operation in the shop and I can tell you, it's getting very interesting to say the very least! But I can also tell you this, I absolutely Love What I Do.

 It is my hope and dream that soon I can expand into a larger operation. I have been taking the visibility & growth of GMGT as slowly as possible for these first four years, thanks to the wise words of one man.

 To date Green Mountain Gold Trap has sold over 400 fluid bed gold traps into 35 states and 6 different countries. And that's while taking it slow!

 And now for some Outstanding News!

 As of Jan 12th of this year Green Mountain Gold Trap has been granted full patent status.

But first, I had to pay more fees and wait a little longer!

Obtaining a patent is not only quite the long process, it's rather expensive and a lot of work.

The even better news is the fact that the Patent was granted in spite of the Title Of Invention.

CLASSIFIER Box With A Removable Trap

When I filed for the provisional patent I fought with myself over this title and continued to do so ever since 2017.

Then in 2019 I filed for the Non-Provisional Patent and left it as is.

I worried with the Patent Trademark Office being Federal and the fact of the nonsense laws many of us face, it would be denied due to the word Classifier.

Legal Definition of a Sluice.

Sluice means a trough equipped with riffles across its bottom which can be used to recover gold and other minerals with the use of flowing water.

: an artificial passage for water (as in a millstream) fitted with a valve or gate for stopping or regulating flow

: a long inclined trough usually on the ground

especially : such a contrivance paved usually with riffles to hold quicksilver for catching gold

One definition, the one I memorized and can't seem to find is,

:Something that has riffles

:Something that has a gate to control water flow

:Something that is long, As In Hundreds Of Feet...

 I will close with the sharing of the published Patent directly form the Patent Trademark Office website.

For those of you in states that don't allow (Sluice Boxes) Print Page One and keep it in your pack.

This Is Not A Sluice

Once I receive my certificate for the Patent Trademark Office I will be posting a video

on the GreenMountain GoldTrap YouTube Page.

If you haven't subscribed, Please Do.

I wanted to share the fresh Official news as of March 15th 2022 with all of you first.

And for those of you who wish the send me a photo of you at the river with your Green Mountain Gold Trap via the Contact Us Link, please feel free. 

At times and at the end of my videos I post pictures of the GMGT Family Members.

Only first names and States or the Country lived in is shared.

I Thank You All.


Owner / Inventor

Green Mountain Gold Trap