MoJo Stream Screen

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15.90 LBS
This set includes:
1 MJSS (Screen Top) 
1 Modified 7gal Mason Bin
4 Elastic Straps

The MoJo Stream Screen (MJSS) PATENT PENDING  Is a submersible classification system but very simple. It is constructed with 1 1/4" perforated pig iron as frame and screen clamp along the sides. The actual screen is galvanize steel stucco netting which provides a perfect surface to throw material on without worry of loosing any gold and to scrub down rocks compacted with hardpack material. In order to perform at it's best, you simply clear a small area (as close to your hole as possible) and lay the MJSS under the water line (in current works best) make sure your mason bin is attached before you submerge, and start digging material onto the screen. The water current will take away the lightest blonde sands and your left with the rocks on top of the screen to easily push of with a shovel or by hand. The water will help push the rocks off the screen with ease,  if you're in a strong enough current you may not even have to push the rocks off. I've welded the frame together and added a center stabilization angle in the center of the screen to prevent sagging of the screen. The screen can be changed as often as needed but can definitely take a beating. I expect that this classification system will exceed most peoples expectations and maybe replace the conventional 1/2" classifier, simply because you won't have to shake and wash during the classification process. To retrieve your classified material you simply drag the whole unit out of the water, empty excess water inside the bin carefully and drag/float the bin only to your panning or sluicing area.The bin is a standard mason bin modified will holes along the brim to secure a load with included elastic straps.