3' River Bed Hog / Used Twice

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12.00 LBS
Used or slightly damaged:
My used or slightly damaged gold traps are rare.

This 3' River Bed Hog Was Used a couple of times by a customer.


Reason for return: Customer was working in a swift moving river. Upon doing a clean out, the capture tray got away from him and was lost in the current.


A replacement was sent for a fee and this one was returned.


I built a new capture trap for it but, it's a bit snug causing it to slide in and pull out a little tough.


Has minor scratches. But keep in mind, once your gold trap gets scratched up, it's seasoned

and slows the gold down on the skid plate.

Used or slightly damaged Gold Trap do not have a warranty.
Always remember to block the water flow on the skid plate before doing a cleanout. There is no need to block off the scoop plate.